“A Party Without Cake is Just a Meeting!”

-Julia Childs

Our Story

Giving back!

After being in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years. We wanted to create some way to give back to our community. A Bite of Pie initially started as a fundraiser, to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for the less fortunate. Our initial goal was 50 presents, however due to the amazing response from our delicious desserts we have now doubled our goal.  Please help us reach our goal buy purchasing a delicious dessert. 

 We have also been feeding the homeless at least once every month over the last year. This Easter we donated 100 easter baskets to HOSEA feed the hungry.

​Below are some of the pictures of past charitable actions

​After we meet our goal for Christmas 2019, we will continue our work throughout the years to come, focusing on Easter baskets, back to school backpacks, Christmas presents and feeding the homeless. 

Don’t have a sweet tooth but would like to participate? Please feel free to donate now!

Man...I had to cut my hand off not to get another slice of the key lime pound cake”

Atlanta Food Guy

When your husband says “this is the best  gluten free cake I’ve ever had !“ you start taking notes.


We were impressed. Literally had bites with our eyes closed.



Owner:Nacasha Ruffin